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Ahmed said:
Tuesday, 25 Aug 2015
SafeFromScams website Thank you
Jacqueline said:
Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015
Really pleased that I have signed up to receive your Newsletter. Lots of very useful information on your website. Look forward to reading your Monthly newsletter. I am involved with the older and vulnerable person and this will be brilliant to be kept updated on Scams. Thank you very much.
Franklyn said:
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
There are so many people claiming to offer safe investments ,which sounds great but are designed to drain all your resources as I found out with dire results
Hugh said:
Wednesday, 25 Jan 2012
Hi we provide Epos and online shops. Your info is very interesting
Graham said:
Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012
Excellent site keep up the good work
Paul said:
Friday, 7 Oct 2011
Thanks for the refreshing site to update my skills as a scam educator. PaulAustraliaTeamTv Aka MensHelpTv
Mike said:
Saturday, 2 Apr 2011
Many thanks for such a useful and informative site. How about a section on how to spot fake product/service Internet reviews?
Bernard said:
Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011
I have recently been a victim of fraud, I think a scam awareness company like yourselves is great,and think your doing a great job any information or newsletters I would be more than happy to recieve many thanks keep up the good work mr carey
Bryan said:
Thursday, 10 Feb 2011
Most useful information. Thank you.
Linda said:
Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011
Great site with loads of useful information. I was looking for a job at home to supplement my income but glad I took the time to look at your site.
Kenny said:
Tuesday, 2 Nov 2010
You site looks really good so excellent info
Lyudmila said:
Friday, 15 Oct 2010
Grand ,thanks information.
James said:
Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010
I had a guy call at my home asking about my phone line...Who was I with? Was I on the internet? Did I know that I might be eligible for free internet? Could he test my phone to check? I told him no and sent him on his way but now I'm bothered about possible access to my internet from close by. Do you know if there is a possible scam here? Thank you
Jen said:
Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010
We have had BAD trouble with autodialling scams - and your site has been very helpful. Thanks. We arent out of the woods yet though... its about time both SKY and BT behaved in a more responsible fashion. Its not just us users is it?
Christopher said:
Thursday, 17 Jun 2010
An excellent new facility to help inmprove security within our neighbourhood
Angela said:
Saturday, 12 Jun 2010
I decided to sign up for your newsletter after you confirmed my suspicious about an e-mail I received re: mystery shopper. There is so much on the net I think it pays to become aware of just what there is out there, You site is first rate and very informative.
Maureen said:
Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010
I am chair of Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Panel located in West Yorkshire and would be pleased to receive scam information so that others may be forwarned. Thank you.
Paul said:
Saturday, 24 Apr 2010
I run our village Neighbourhood Watch and try to find and utilise as much information and technology that is available to thwart crime and criminals.Your site has recently been passed on to me and looks good. Thanks
Nicola said:
Thursday, 25 Mar 2010
Hi i have been trying to find a work from home job and all I seem to find is scam, are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there? please if you could please send me some legitimate work from home jobs any information would be great. thanks
Jim said:
Friday, 29 Jan 2010
I've been looking for a site like this. Thank you, Jim
George said:
Thursday, 5 Nov 2009
Excellent site. Keep up the goog work
Alan said:
Saturday, 19 Sep 2009
Excellent site. I learnt some really important safegaurds immediately about my phone and my laptop. I trusted what you write as you are not trying to sell me anything but seriously inform me . Thank you Alan Cornwall,UK
Mrignaina said:
Monday, 7 Sep 2009
Hey! I love to look fwd, thanks
Hussein said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
Thanks for keeping me alert. But is there anyway I would be also benefit from your grant donations.
Mario said:
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009
Thank you for giving an informations regarding scams
James said:
Sunday, 5 Apr 2009
Just been given your web site look forward to getting more of the same to spread through my neighbourhood watch scheme
Colin said:
Friday, 27 Mar 2009
Great site, very helpfull, thanks
Zac said:
Thursday, 8 Jan 2009
I work for a Crime Reduction Initiative based in Yorkshire and the Humber called the Business Crime Reduction Centre. I think this is an interesting and informative resource and shall recommend it to colleagues and clients.
Victor said:
Tuesday, 9 Dec 2008
Would love to read it before I make comments many thanks victor
Patrick A.G. said:
Monday, 1 Dec 2008
I am a detective with the crimial investigation departement with the Sherbrooke Police in Sherbrooke ,Qc,Canada. I found tour site while seaching for the various scams. May I congratulate you with this information which I find very interesting. Please keep up the good work. Thank you
James said:
Sunday, 16 Nov 2008
This is a very useful site for people to detect frausters.
Ian said:
Friday, 5 Sep 2008
Very impressed with the site
Barry said:
Monday, 11 Aug 2008
A great initiative, thank you
Bill said:
Saturday, 2 Aug 2008
Just found this site.Something like this has been needed for a long time to try and keep one step ahead of the scammers.Many Thanks.
Anne said:
Wednesday, 2 Jul 2008
I discovered your website today whilst researching the HM Revenue and Customs scam and found it to be very helpful. Thank you.
Beverly said:
Friday, 20 Jun 2008
First time on your site, seems useful content will comment further later. Cheers Beveb
Peter said:
Friday, 18 Apr 2008
I am interesting in sexual health and hair loss
Dewi said:
Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008
Dear I found this website to safe from scams, I need to know more how to avoid this. Thank you Maharani
Abdul said:
Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007
Excellent initiative ..
Glen said:
Friday, 14 Dec 2007
Great idea. It is important to keep abreast of all of the scams out there. There is always someone trying to con money out of you. Unfortunately I have been duped twice already on the internet.
Michael said:
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007
Excellent site. I have been monitoring front fee scams connected to overseas loans for many years. Michael Trevett, MTA Finance
John said:
Sunday, 21 Oct 2007
Thank you for trying to help us all to protect ourselves from the undesirable pests that perpetrate these 'Scams'
Anthony said:
Friday, 5 Oct 2007
Very interesting, have you anything on bank garauntee fraud, thankyou
Ganiyu said:
Thursday, 23 Aug 2007
I will be very much appreciate it if you could register me as one of your contacts to recieve the monthly newsletter on SafeFromScams. Thanks Mr Lawal
Robert said:
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007
I am getting so e mails that I have won large amount of money.. Don't worry I do give any details out.. However I reply and tell them its Scam.. I got no money anyway. I do even hold bank account I tell them. I never here from again.. Is there a Uk Phone number I can ring about this.. Just call me bob.. I wan't so much to put a stop to this.. Can you help and thank you