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Safe Travel Gigolos

By: Chris Nickson - Updated: 13 Apr 2020 | comments*Discuss
Safe Travel Gigolo Jamaica Hait Negril

The gigolo is hardly a new phenomenon. The man who courts women, usually older than himself, and lets them pay for his needs - and possibly even pay him - in return for his attention has been around for centuries, and in all corners of the globe. In recent years, though, it's become more prevalent and open, if not always more socially acceptable. There are women who go on holiday quite deliberately seeking the attention of a younger man, and are willing to pay, in one form or another, for their pleasures.

The Phenomenon

It happens mostly in the Caribbean these days, especially in resorts like Negril. But back in the 1980s, Haiti was a place where the gigolo - almost always young, local men - could do well. Given the low wages in the area, it's perhaps no surprise that young men, often without work or marginally employed, would want to boost their incomes and enjoy a lavish lifestyle for a while.

How It Works

A woman, alone, goes to a resort, often in Jamaica. At the hotel whilst relaxing, she's approached by a young local man. In general, the security guards don't stop the men, and if the woman shows no interest, the men drift away quickly. Some of the young men are hotel workers, who see a liaison as a perk of the job (and income boost). Although it's officially frowned up by the resorts, no one makes a move to stop it as tourism is a vital part of the economy. It's estimated that around 200 men in Negril work as gigolos.

The woman will pay for everything whilst the two are together, i.e. for the duration of her holiday, or as long as her interest lasts. Often they also give the men money. In return, they're lavished with attention and have young sexual partners.

The Dangers

Quite regularly a woman will form an emotional attachment to the man she meets. She might continue to send him money from home and plan more visits. However, to the men this is simply a job, and for the most part they avoid any kind of attachment. All that buys the woman is heartbreak, as it did for one in her 50s who returned to Jamaica a month after going home in search of her lover, only to find him with someone else.

Many in the local community, especially women, don't like the behaviour of the tourists. Not only does the blatancy offend their sensibilities, they're offended and angered that it's siphoning off many young local men from real relationships within the community.

The biggest risk, of course, is that of sexually transmitted diseases. The only place in the world with a higher rate of HIV infection than the Caribbean is sub-Sahara Africa. In Jamaica it's spread beyond high-risk groups into the general population - current statistics show between one and two per cent of the population infected, some 25,000 people. HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections are the second leading cause of death for both men and women in the age group 30-34 years in Jamaica, and one out of every two people living with AIDS has a history of sexually transmitted infection as a risk factor.

How To Avoid The Problems

The simple solution, of course, is to have nothing to do with gigolos. But it's also true that sex tourism in Jamaica by women is an established fact of life. For anyone who does succumb to the charms of a gigolo (and they live on their charm), remember the following things:
  • Don't believe a word they say. They're just lines they use on all the tourists they meet. Be cynical.Don't become emotionally attached. To them you are a commodity, nothing more, and the service they provide ends when you stop paying.
  • What they offer is no different than prostitution.
  • Never try and continue a relationship after you leave. Don't send them money once you've gone. It's not going to buy affection.
  • If you are going to have sex with a gigolo, take extreme precautions. Having them tested for AIDS and a battery of sexually transmitted infections would be the ideal answer. In the real world, however, that's unlikely to happen. At the very least, never have sex of any kind without a condom. After you return home, have yourself tested in case you've acquired an STI in spite of precautions. Many can be easily cured.

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I had a Driver pursue me for about 3 months by showing up at places I frequented & buying me drinks. After deciding to give him a chance, his nice guy persona faded quickly. He asked me not to see anyone else but after every disagreement he would disappear for a couple of days. He was always late, lost his temper easily, was extremely jealous and had an alchol & drug problem. I believe his anger issues stemmed from me not giving him money or gifts or paying his way. After a month of nonsense I gave up & blocked him. Two days later I saw him with another foreign lady. He still tries to pursue me but I recognize the game and am not interested. Just know that gigilos come in many forms & use different strategies based on how they read.us
Tee - 4-Feb-20 @ 7:12 PM
Girls, never, never pay anything for a men...., it is the otherway around, they should be paying for everything, or, at least, sharing all expenses. I had a hard time in Negril, all I wanted was to be able to walk on the beach by myself for 2minuteswithout being bothered....
silvi - 7-Dec-19 @ 8:32 PM
You definitely have to be very aware of these gigolos. In the end it cost me a little less than $200 cash but most of all my health and the health of my new born baby. Be very aware. It's a game that goes on daily. Met this guy at a resort charming and kind as could be. Some time later I end up pregnant....just a very sad ending. Lies all lies. Fun is one thing but don't put your trust in these guys. I pray that not all Jamaican men are the same. Just be careful never put your heart in any of it. I lost mine in more ways than one.Oh yeah be aware of Andre Greaves ---Dre /model/hotel worker/beach boy/gigolo/instagram model/ Sandals/Sunset/Montego Bay/ Negril/ Kingston/ You think it, you name it.Trust me you will thank me later.
Underestimated4sure - 27-Sep-17 @ 4:45 AM
I visit this site first time. Samun Santosh is a conman he lived in Portsmouth some years ago.He is still out there in Southampton or Hampshire. Ladies,stay away from him.He is not a good man.
Janina - 3-Nov-16 @ 5:59 AM
I met a guy in negril by the name of Ticka. Want a charming person. Full of lies used me for gifts and Western Union thinking I was the only woman in his life, what a big mistake. Montego Bay airport was a revolving door as one took off the next one landed. If no luck there he would troll the beach in search of pray. He still works negril to this day so ladies beware, no love it's just money he after
Dorky - 16-Jul-15 @ 11:58 PM
@councilworker. We've removed the name from this because you should really report this man via official channels (i.e in your workplace) rather than publicising it on a webpage. Find out what the procedures are in order to raise a grievance about a colleague. As you work for the council, there will be an employee handbook that will give you the information you need to proceed.
SafeFromScams - 14-Jul-14 @ 11:30 AM
I feel it is time to dob a notorious colleague. He has been on dating websites pretending to be an engineer or legal adviser or systems administrator luring unsuspecting females to become his friend through deceitful methods. One of those is to act like he is somebody who went to a well known university and he knows a lot in the business of council activities. On the second of third date he would come out with very sad circumstances so that the female will want to help him pay for this and that. His story gets better and better with more sadness. The truth iscopies the phone number and addresses of the women who fills in the forms who needs council help for residential placements. He is a desk clerk accepting forms from the public in regards to placements and assistance at Brent Council near Wembley.I am sick of him asking us to cover him and act as if he is our boss. At first it felt quite funny but now it is not a game anymore and is a hurtful thing what he has been carrying on. A lot of us feel guilty because a lot of the stuff he tells are fabricated and never stops.If anyone ever met him, never pay anything for him or show any details of where you live or banked or how you make transfer payments.
councilworker - 14-Jul-14 @ 3:21 AM
There was a gigolo who posed under different names. Unfortunately he truned out to be a very dishonest individual and not even a British citizen or a graduate as he claimed. Sanjoo Kheemany aka Sanj Keemani aka Sanjay Khemani aka Samun Santosh aka Prince J or Prince K is still actively on Facebook conning as many genuine lonely women as he can and then blocks certain friends from detecting his motives and his profess of love to others.He is also able to tun on and off his accounts to avoid detection. He is using someone else passport and documents impersonating to be a graduate at Portsmouth University who have thrown him out. Just beware if you ever meet a man by that name.
Stefani - 9-Jul-12 @ 5:27 AM
I dated a Jamaican man for one year. Within the first few days of meeting him he said that he wanted to marry me and have a child. I spent the year assessing him and have the following warning signs to offer:I met him on the beach in Negril – Negril has the highest rates of male hustlers in Jamaica.He never had to miss “work” to spend two weeks with me at a resort.He never paid for a thing when we were together. I paid for the resort, food, beverages, car rentals, gas….yet he always found money to buy “weed”.He called me CONSTANTLY. which at the time seemed flattering, but later I realized he knew immigration would look at how often we communicated and he would have these extensive phone records to show.While we sat at the all-inclusive resort I paid for he pointed out every hustler on the beach.Funny thing he knew them all.He said right from our first meeting. I am going to marry you, you are the last girl for me, let’s make a baby.When I came to visit everyone who walked past us gave him a knowing nod and he smirked never stopping to introduce me.His previous girlfriend was also a tourist.He guarded his cell phone with his life.He once had a bottle of expensive french wine, a french novel and a package of tic tacs with french writing on them at his house when I came to visit. Jamaicans don’t speak French. He would disappear for a couple of hours a day every time I came to visit and never invite me to come along.lame excuses - needed to pick something up at his house, do laundry, wash the car I rented.These were just some of the signs that caused me to terminate the relationship,and when I did it was like night and day.The once so loving man threatened to have people he knew in my country kill my entire family.BE CAREFUL!! I am so glad all this came to the surface before his temporary resident visa was processed.
Wastedyear - 16-Jan-12 @ 12:44 AM
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